Well Meet Again: Musical Design in the Films of Stanley Kubrick (Oxford Music/Media Series)

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A well-indexed reference book can bring together information on a topic in helpful and sometimes unexpected ways. Animals on Screen and Radio is just such a reference book. While not all of these films have animals as their principal theme, the annotations look into the role of an animal or animals within the film.

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The most useful feature of this reference are the two indexes - a subject index and name index. The name index is a listing of an animal character's or an animal actor's name. It is the subject index that is most helpful. It is both an index by animal species and by theme or subject. In addition to the standard menagerie of the domestic and wild kingdoms, there are unexpected categories like Bacteria and Viruses, broader categories Talking Animals, Show Animals , and supernatural categories Aliens, Ghosts.

The themes and subjects included in the index provide a unique approach to this topic. A very wide range of subjects are covered. In this film a cat is possessed by a dead woman's vengeful spirit. This book is useful both for the film buff and for the animal lover, introducing them to new themes and situations highlighting our animal companions and the natural world.

Nowadays through recordings, television, and the internet, a vast range of film is available to us all. A serendipitous browse through the index and listings of this work could introduce the reader to entertaining and maybe previously unknown or forgotten films. Paietta and Jean L. Kauppila Scarecrow Press, Labels: film , reference works. Tribute to a beloved photographer. Weiferd Watts in his studio. For over twenty-five years photographer Weiferd Watts captured an incredible array of dancers and athletes from around the US and abroad. Removed from the traditional setting of the stage, the intimate portraits he created required the eye of a choreographer.

Without any dance training, he would contort his body in an attempt to demonstrate his visions for movement, which were then interpreted by his subjects, yielding extraordinary results. His vast body of work represents several generations of artists captured in magical, elusive moments created through collaborative experiments and pure serendipity. Dance and photography were his passions and both fields will mourn his early loss for years to come.

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Let us enjoy what he left behind. Labels: biography , dance , exhibits , photography , San Francisco. Thursday, September 19, Richard Diebenkorn and Ingleside. The block of Moncada Way ca. My sense of place is involved with particular pictures and subjects whereas my present environment has to do in a more general way with light, coloring, and configuration.

Vera Lynn - We'll Meet Again (Dr. Strangelove Ending Updated)

I painted the Ingleside series in a very different environment although it was at most fifteen miles distant from Berkeley's. We can probably agree that the sources for painting are incredibly tangled and we had better hope they stay that way. The streets, houses and terrain of Ingleside Terraces under his brush retain recognizable features of the neighborhood, however he presents a sparer, purer vision than a fully developed and populated space would allow.

The Ingleside of his eye and his mind's eye provides a rich painterly space, and for those of us who know the neighborhood and gain a new outlook on this place. Buck, Jr. Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Labels: art , artists , paintings , San Francisco. Please join us this Sunday in the Koret Auditorium for the 1 p. Hosted by the Merola Opera Program and the Art, Music and Recreation Department, this film is the first of a five-part series, Merola Goes to the Movies , which aims to bring opera's finest adaptations to celluloid into our library screening room.

Each film will be introduced by a knowledgeable Merola representative.


Ebook Hollywood Harmony: Musical Wonder and the Sound of Cinema (Oxford Music/Media Series) Full

For those unfamiliar with the Merola Opera Program , for 56 years it has been regarded as the world's foremost opera training program for aspiring singers, coaches and stage directors. Labels: film , opera , programs. Richard Diebenkorn was born April 22, in Portland, Oregon. He is considered a California painter having lived and painting in Sausalito, Berkeley, and Santa Monica. While he never painted here, all of his biographies note that he grew up in San Francisco living here throughout his grade school years.

In fact, San Francisco was only a very limited source of direct inspiration to Diebenkorn. The neighborhoods that he did live in were more suburban than most of the City, and more in tune with the rustic or suburban atmosphere of most of his landscapes. What role did San Francisco play in his creative life? We will also draw upon a very fine oral history of Diebenkorn recalling his childhood days conducted by Susan Larsen and available through the Smithsonian Institute. This information will be supplemented by information from Google Books and the genealogy database Ancestry.

Diebenkorn stated that he came to San Francisco when he was very young -- he estimated in or His father, Richard C.

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He gave his full name, Richard Clifford Diebenkorn, to his son. He also sometimes went by R. Diebenkorn, and early on his son went by R. Diebenkorn, Jr.

Film/Music Analysis

The family probably lived very comfortably. His father worked hard to instill in him a sense of success that would involve taking up a profession. Giant Steps Giant Steps is an imprint dedicated to classic Jazz reissues. Hot Milk Hot Milk, a reggae re-issue label bringing lost classics back to life. IronBird The IronBird Label offers Rock, Hard Rock and Metal releases that have not been around for a while or are difficult to find, with great re-mastered sound and new packaging. We are always happy to receive suggestions from you of music you would like to hear.


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To receive more information, get exclusive film clips and hear about special offers please sign up to the Strike Force Entertainment mailing list at: news strikeforcetv. Sidewinder Sounds Welcome to Sidewinder Sounds. SuperBird Welcome to SuperBird. Films increasingly look and sound like games, and games like films. Music videos merge with new media such as computer tablet apps and in so doing become more interactive.

Theatrical performances incorporate films, and gallery installations are taken to the street. A climate of rapid and far-reaching technological and social change informs new audiovisual culture, whose implications for modern life we are only beginning to grasp. Whether this appeal is as strong today as it was in the past is open to debate, and some of our authors, like Anahid Kassabian, pointedly challenge this assumption. Gaming, the Internet, and social media are certainly impinging on popular consciousness to an unprecedented degree, and their ubiquity in the lives of younger generations of consumers may portend the end of a cinema- and narrative-based aesthetic.

The Stanley Kubrick Archive: A Filmmaker’s Legacy

However, a strong case for the continued salience of cinema, albeit in regurgitated forms, can nevertheless be made. The ideal for television or smart television viewing at home these days is cinematic: immense high-definition, flat-screen televisions linked up to surround sound hi-fi systems equipped with subwoofers and connected to cloud-based Web servers are increasingly becoming the norm for households in the West, almost regardless of income level or social class. To play a game increasingly resembles adopting the role of star actor in a film.

We see this tension between the cinematic model and other ways of conceiving the audiovisual as a productive tension and have given it free rein in this volume. Sound contributes in no small way to making our experiences of media feel more immersive, because hearing is frequently held to be the most immersive sense. Cinema considered from this perspective involves audiences in more profound ways than we have been accustomed to thinking. We also see this new participatory and immersive sensibility in performances of experimental theater, which can leave audiences feeling as though they are actors in a surreal film.

We are increasingly made to feel as though we are part of the work or performance for more on this, see the chapters by Maureen Turim and Michael Walsh [Chapter 30 ], Holly Rogers [Chapter 29 ] and Lisa Perrott [Chapter 14 ]. Users of portable music players also experience such heightened immersion. Cinema is not what it used to be. Everything seems geared toward creating more powerful and discursively connected experiences—and at the same time toward making more money.

The new, expanded cinema is a place of booming, rumbling, soaring, and whooshing surround-sound technologies, 3D graphics that jump off the screen, and CGI renderings of ever more spectacular visual landscapes. In this volume, Michel Chion Chapter 19 sees all these developments as evidence of a new sensory cinema. Along similar lines, chapters by Jeff Smith Chapter 20 , Carol Vernallis Chapter 25 , and Stan Hawkins Chapter 26 explore how formal means like new filming techniques in feature films and music videos use shorter average shot duration and more dynamic use of cameras to complement these technological developments.

The resulting intensification and sensory magnification of the audiovisual brings life and entertainment into ever more intimate interplay. The popular media commonly report on children becoming addicted to continuously running online games, like World of Warcraft , and suffering neurological symptoms or even death as a result; 10 relationships being destroyed because of addiction to online porn; overreliance on social media at the expense of more meaningful interpersonal relationships; and young men going on shooting rampages after training themselves with first-person shooter games or pathologically identifying with fictional film characters.

New media undoubtedly do introduce a new array of social problems, and the new immersive and interactive media seem to have provoked more influence-of-the-media debate than ever before. Media violence, it seems impossible now to deny, bears some sort of relation to violence in society, but what is needed is balanced debate and research to temper knee-jerk reactions, and for that matter, uncritical acceptance of hyperviolent media on the part of many film and media scholars.