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Plenty of room for advancement for a motivated, self starting individual with good communication skills. They like to see employees that are driven and have a pay for skills program that allows you to earn more if you perform more complex tasks. Everyone has been great to work with!

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I feel like I have been able to contribute and provide answers to electrical problems that helps Red Gold move forward in there day to day running of their business! I have enjoyed the challenge! Productive, hard-working company who cares about employees. I worked for RG corporate office Orestes and enjoyed the collaborative environment.

Fresh pack mentality is difficult to adjust to, particularly if your responsibilities aren't directly related to the round-the-clock reality of fresh pack, but RG was a great place to work.

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It's a very good place to work if you kiss your bosses behind the whole time. If you do not they will look for reasons to get rid of you or make your job harder than it needs to be. They do not listen to ideas from the non management employees, so no matter how great your idea is it will go in 1 ear and out the other with them. They say the are a family business just because they are owned by a family, but they do not treat you as family.

Extremely Demanding. Very high-volume product with many high-speed production and packaging lines. High-pressure to consistently perform and extremely demanding during the fresh pack season, Working several consecutive hour days without any days off. Stressful job. Some of the jobs can be very stressful. Fresh pack season is longer hours usually Lots of overtime during the fresh pack season, usually 7 days per week.

A Good Place to Work. This is a great facility to work at. There is a small turnover rate so your chances of getting on day shift are slim. It usually takes a minimum of three years. This is at the Geneva facility. Old School High School Mentality. The plants equipped with machines older than most of their workers that are not properly maintained or used correctly.

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There is a lot of favoritism and gossip. They are more worried about a union coming in than holding employees accountable. Management doesn't back their Supervisors and allows managers to date employees. The management feeds into the drama and gossip mill. They work you an insane amount of hours and dont understand some of their employees have a life outside of work. If you dont conform the the Red Gold way you are seen as a threat and fired. Most of the employees are highly paid button pushers and cant solve any issues. Drama and tension on the floor is always high.

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Hr says they will look into stuff and never do. The owners seem to be oblivious on what is really going on with the company at the employee level. Its ok. It was a good job I was just a temporary though I was asked to stay on unfortunately I wasn't able to live in that state I would sort tomato salad and I would just check the acid levels on the peeling machines also was in charge of a couple people la la la la la la la. Family Owned Business.

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Culture is still very family driven, top down culture. Family has done a great job growing the business but not ready to foster competitive, manufacturing environment.. I enjoys everyone I worked with. Management was great and they helped me move up to better opportunities for my job.

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Fun laid back. It was a nice place to work, wasnt very family oriented but they did seem to care about their employees, job was always fast paced, everyone always got along well, tomato harvest season was a very busy time of the year, but they had cookouts and catered meals for everyone during this time to show there appreciation. Work atmosphere is good and most people are good and friendly they let you dp ypur work on a strees free work environment. They would not let you down when help is needed. Please read each product description carefully to ensure you are ordering what you need.

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