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It is certain that the initiates saw the goddess Persephone at Eleusis , because we have direct testimony of this. In addition, from the various descriptions it seems that they saw various other beings who had a supernumerary role to humanity. Very little of the events in the initiations in the Mysteries of Eleusis has escaped the veil of secrecy that hides them. However, Iamblichus c.

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Those of the archons are terrifying to the Beholders, if they are the archons of the universe; and hurtful and distressing, if they are of the realm of Matter. The figures of the souls are similar to those of the half-gods except that they are inferior to them. In The New Atlantis Bacon makes the same parallel that existed between ordinary humanity and the 'higher races' seen in The Mysteries, but this time between ordinary humanity and the Brethren of The Order of Solomon's House in the island of New Atlantis.

In this connection it is significant that islands, in the symbolism of the ancients, have always been associated with the World Beyond. A standard symbolism of water, and of the sea, was that it represented materiality, or physical matter, while islands represented the higher planes of subtle matter, since they rose above the sea. Hence the representation of the Islands of the Blessed as an abode of souls. The neoplatonist, Olympiodorus, in his Commentary on the 'Gorgias' of Plato said:. The New Atlantis tells that the beings from this higher plane interact with humanity here on earth.

The Order of Solomon's House, we are told in The New Atlantis , sent two ships with a mission of three of the Brethren of Solomon's House, forth every twelve years with mariners who take special measures not to be detected when they land the Brethren on the shores of various nations, and the three Brethren, in turn, who are put ashore "color themselves under the names of other nations", i.

Anyone who has read Homer knows that he depicts the gods as frequently appearing disguised among humanity.

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The experience of leaving the physical body is allegorized at the beginning of The Tempest where the lightning flashes around the masts and the passengers of the ship. The passengers who leaves the ship and jumps into the raging water symbolizes the initiates who leave the physical body.

A famous example of this is Plutarch's story of Aridaeus, a man who had lived a notorious life of great profligacy, had a severe fall, and was believed dead, but three days later, just as they were about to bury him he regained consciousness and told the details of his experience. Aridaeus said that:. The details of the experience of leaving the physical body while in full consciousness are quite out of the way knowledge, but a man named Hugh Calloway writing under the pen name of Oliver Fox in the early s in his book, Astral Projection , has described the experience in detail:.

Note how the opening scene in The Tempest, with the howling and the roaring noise of the storm and the confused noise within, abruptly switches to the calm of Prospero's cell.

So much for The Tempest. There seems to be nothing of this experience of leaving the physical body depicted in The New Atlantis.

However, Heydon clearly saw the applicability, and filled the gap with his excerpt from the Allegory of The Holy Mountain at the beginning of The Holy Guide a fact that augments the supposition that he was an 'insider', a member of a secret society with special 'insider' knowledge. The excerpt from the Allegory of The Holy Mountain is as follows :. To this Mountain you shall go in a certain night-when it comes-most long and dark, and see that you prepare yourself by prayer. Insist upon the way that leads to the Mountain, but ask not of any man where the way lies. Only follow your Guide, who will offer himself to you and will meet you in the way.

But you are not to know him. This Guide will bring you to the Mountain at midnight , when all things are silent and dark. It is necessary that you arm yourself with a resolute, heroic courage, lest you fear those things that will happen, and so fall back. You need no sword nor any other bodily weapons; only call upon God sincerely and heartily.

When you have discovered the Mountain the first miracle that will appear is this: A most vehement and very great wind that will shake the Mountain and shatter the rocks to pieces. You will be encountered also by lions and dragons and other terrible beasts; but fear not any of these things. Be resolute and take heed that you turn not back, for your Guide-who brought you thither-will not suffer any evil to befall you. As for the treasure, it is not yet found, but it is very near. After this will come an earthquake that will overthrow those things which the wind has left, and will make all flat.

But be sure that you do not fall off. The earthquake being past, there will follow a fire that will consume earthly rubbish and disclose the treasure. But as yet you cannot see it. After these things, and near the daybreak there will be a great calm, and you will see the Day-Star arise, the dawn will appear, and you will perceive a great treasure.

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The most important thing in it and the most perfect is a certain exalted Tincture, with which the world-if it served God and were worthy of such gifts-might be touched and turned into most pure gold. The reason why none of the commentators on Vaughan's Holy Mountain account have shown any understanding of it is because it deals with matters that, as Vaughan says, have been hidden from the greater part of the world.

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However, there are a number of sources that throw light on the account, and these sources all deal with inner experiences that precede the soul leaving the body and venturing into the world beyond. An examination of the accounts of "Merkabah Mysticism" and, in particular, one specific document from Merkabah Mysticism is very informative. Merkabah Mystics were Jewish mystics who originated the mystical traditions that eventually became the Kabbalah. They practiced asceticism and gave themselves over entirely to prayer, contemplation, and the spiritual life, spending time apart from each other in solitude engaged in spiritual disciplines, and in the study of their sacred scripture.

The particular portion of their scripture that inspired their particular form of mysticism was the incident recorded in the first chapter of Ezekiel, the vision of God's throne-chariot the "Merkabah". The mysteries of this Throne constituted a particularly exalted subject for these mystics. They did not aspire to an understanding of the true nature of God, but only aspired to view the Throne on its Chariot as described in the account of the experience of Ezekiel. According to these people The Throne actually existed and could be witnessed by the mystic who made the proper preparation.

The actual experience was of a highly shamanistic nature. The Throne was seen by the mystic after having left his body and having passed upward through the seven heavens and then through the seven palaces which existed in the seventh heaven. It was necessary that the candidate for the experience be chosen by another mystic already practiced in the Merkabah Mysticism. Once chosen the candidate for the experience had to undergo a highly ascetic preparation which included fasting.

When he was ready for the experience the Merkabah Mystic would lay his head between his knees a physical position which could induce altered states of consciousness and self-hypnosis and repeat a long series of hymns and songs which had been imparted to him by the experienced Merkabah Mystic. Thus through contemplation and ecstasy he would attain to his experience through which his soul would depart his body and ascend through the seven heavens.

Another element of the description was the account of a fire which descended and surrounded the entranced person. Ariel describes how the fire putatively St. Elmo's fire flamed and burned on the topmast, the yards, the bowsprit, and the hair of the passengers on the ship. Merkabah had its foundation solidly in orthodox Judaism, but the most famous work containing the vision of The Throne the central feature of the Merkabah Treatises is a short work embedded firmly in orthodox Christianity, and never understood even in the slightest by the brain-damaged Christians who have no more knowledge of Merkabah Mysticism than a hyena has of Chateaubriand.

This particular work is the last book in the bible of the Christians, and goes under the title of the Apocalypse of Ioannes, or simply the book of Revelation. An understanding of this book throws a great deal of light on The Holy Mountain account. While in a trance on the Isle of Patmoas, John, to use the Anglosized version of his name had a series of visions.

These visions began with his hearing a great voice, and when he had turned he saw one 'like unto the Son of Man', who bade him send the churches in Asia sthe messages he was about to give him. Next John saw a door open in heaven. He was commanded to go up to heaven. He went up and saw the Merkabah Throne. The One who sat on the throne had a book with seven seals in his hand.

An angel asked who would open the book with the seven seals, but no one was found on heaven or earth capable of doing this. Then John saw a little lamb near the Throne and the little lamb took the book from the hand of He who sat on the Throne. The Little lamb then began to open the seals, and as he opened them each of the seven respective seals was accompanied with a phenomena peculiar to the opening of that seal. Next the seven angels who stood before the Throne began to sound their trumpets.

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The sounding of each of the seven respective trumpets was accompanied by a phenomena peculiar to the sounding of that particular trumpet. After the seventh trumpet had sounded there appeared a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She travailed in the pain of birth, and another wonder appeared in heaven, a great red dragon. The dragon waited to pounce upon her child, who was to rule all nations, but when the woman had brought him forth she fled into the wilderness for a period of 1, days to hide from the great dragon for a time, times, and a half time.

Next a beast having the body of a leopard, the feet of a bear, and the mouth of a lion arose from the sea. After this yet another beast arose from the earth, and the number of the beast was Following this seven angels appeared in heaven with vials containing seven plagues. As each angel emptied his vial it was accompanied by a phenomena peculiar to each particular vial.

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There followed, after the seventh vial had been emptied, the judgment of the great whole who sat on the waters of the multitudes and nations, on a scarlet colored beast. Following the judgment of the great whore, the heavens opened up and John saw a white horse on which sat the King of Kings, and now the Beast was cast down into a fiery pit.

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The dragon, the old serpent Satan was bound in the pit for 1, years. With the outline in mind some peculiar points of this strange work begin to be highlighted. This pattern falls into four parts: 1 the seven messages to the churches 2 the seven seals of the book 3 the seven trumpets which are sounded 4 the seven vials which are poured out.

Why is therethis insistence on a pattern of seven within each category of messages, seals, trumpets, and vials? If we begin with the first of these the seven churches we find a curious fact. These churches are only seven out of many that might have been selected in Asia at that time.

There were anywhere from to townships in the province of Asia in the first century, some of them far larger than the cities of Thyatira and Philadelphia, and undoubtedly a number of them had Christian churches. So the very selection raises a flag, and this is augmented due to the fact that the selection was composed of the mystical number seven. Quite evidently there was some hidden significance in all this.

What then, distinguished these seven churches?