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This is also a dense catalog of the ways that whites tricked and mistreated blacks in the first half of the 20th century.

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You begin this memoir thinking it will be about one thing, and it turns into something else altogether — a book at once more ordinary and more extraordinary than any first impressions might allow. His sentences are clean, never showy; he writes about himself through others in a way that feels both necessarily generous and candidly — which is to say appropriately — narcissistic. The only child of European Jews who settled in the Promised Land, Oz grew up alongside the new state of Israel, initially enamored of a fierce nationalism before becoming furiously and in one memorable scene, rather hilariously disillusioned.

As a lonely boy, Oz felt unseen by his awkward father and confounded by his brilliant and deeply unhappy mother. She taught him that people were a constant source of betrayal and disappointment. Books, though, would never let him down. Hearing about what happened to those Jews who stayed in Europe, the young Oz wanted to become a book, because no matter how many books were destroyed there was a decent chance that one copy could survive. Oz says he essentially killed his father by moving to a kibbutz at 15 and changing his name.

Divorced mother and son had hit the road together, fleeing a bad man, trying to change their luck and maybe get rich as uranium prospectors. Wolff became wild in high school, a delinquent and a petty thief, before escaping to a prep school in Pennsylvania. His prose lights up the experience of growing up in America during this era.

Rachel Cusk writes about new motherhood with an honesty and clarity that makes this memoir feel almost illicit. Sleepless nights, yes; colic, yes; but also a raw, frantic love for her firstborn daughter that she depicts and dissects with both rigor and amazement. The childless writer who could compartmentalize with ease and take boundaries for granted has to learn an entirely new way of being. None of the chipper, treacly stuff here; motherhood deserves more respect than that.

The Nobel Prize-winning J. Coetzee, in other words, is taciturn in the extreme. Out in the world, he lived in constant fear of violence and humiliation; at home he was cosseted by his mother and presided like a king. The memoir is told in the third-person present tense, which lends it a peculiar immediacy. Coetzee is free to observe the boy he once was without the interpretive intrusions that come with age; he can remain true to what he felt then, rather than what he knows now.

We are carried from her childhood, in the lap of a family militantly opposed to conformity, to her long career as a reporter in England and Egypt. It is thrilling to watch her arrive at an understanding of a sense of self and language that is her own, bespoke. I did not query my condition, or seek reasons for it. I knew very well that it was an irrational conviction — I was in no way psychotic, and perhaps not much more neurotic than most of us; but there it was, I knew it to be true, and if it was impossible then the definition of possibility was inadequate.

Sonali Deraniyagala was searching the internet for ways to kill herself when one click led to another and she was staring at a news article featuring pictures of her two young sons.

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She herself survived by clinging to a branch. She recalls stabbing herself with a butter knife. Reading this book is like staring into the abyss, only instead of staring back it might just swallow you whole. Her return to life was gradual, tentative and difficult; she learned the only way out of her unbearable anguish was to remember what had happened and to keep it close. Over there, cabdrivers know who James is: the ebullient man who hosted many comic and erudite television programs over the years. James is the author of five memoirs, to which many readers have a cultlike devotion. This autobiography is a disguised novel.

He was born in and grew up with an absent father, a Japanese prisoner of war.

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Released, his father died in a plane crash on his way home when James was 5. He is never less than good company. Eighner spent three years on the streets mostly in Austin, Tex. The book he wrote is a literate and exceedingly humane document. On the streets, he clung to a kind of dignity.

He refused to beg or steal. Day after day I could aspire, within reason, to nothing more than survival.

by Jedidiah Jenkins

Although the planets wandered among the stars and the moon waxed and waned, the identical naked barrenness of existence was exposed to me, day in and day out. Or maybe it only seems rich with incident because of an old maxim that still holds: Stories happen only to people who can tell them.

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Like Mary Karr, Mann as a child was a scrappy, troublemaking tomboy, one who grew into a scrappy, troublemaking, impossible-to-ignore young woman and artist. She was raised in Virginia by sophisticated, lettered parents. This book is heavily illustrated, and traces her growth as an artist.

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Her anecdotes have snap. She dropped acid with her psychiatrist, R. Richard Burton and Marlon Brando tried to get her into bed. This earthy and evocative book also traces her youth and her development as a writer. Her small family was religious. Her father was a farmer who drank and gambled; her mother was a former maid.

She moved to Dublin, where she worked in a drugstore while studying at the Pharmaceutical College at night. Why was it only in books that I could find the utter outlet for my emotions? At the age of 6, Marjane Satrapi privately declared herself the last prophet of Islam. Jefferson writes of the punishing psychic burden of growing up feeling that she was a representative for her race and, later, of nagging, terrifying suicidal impulses.

So much glory, banality, honor and betrayal? This shape-shifting, form-shattering book carves one path forward. Viv Albertine participated in the birth of punk in the mids. She was in a band with Sid Vicious before he joined the Sex Pistols. She dated Mick Jones while he was putting together his new band, the Clash. She could barely play guitar, yet she became the lead guitarist for the Slits.

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Tell whatever anecdote fits your point for each chapter, regardless where they fall on the calendar. Just make the details clear so the reader knows where you are in the story. You might begin with the most significant memory of your life, even from childhood. As in a novel, how the protagonist in this case, you grows is critical to a successful story.

Your memoir should make clear the difference between who you are today and who you once were.

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What you learn along the way becomes your character arc. It should go without saying that you write a memoir in the first-person. Tell both your outer what happens and your inner its impact on you story. You might be able to structure your memoir the same way merely by how you choose to tell the story. Take the reader with you to your lowest point, and show what you did to try to remedy things.