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Antagonism LP by Bleib Modern. Bleak, throbbing work that lands halfway between coldwave and shoegaze, this Berlin group hits that spot just under the breastbone. Singles and Sessions by Delta 5. Explore music. Glorified Goat. Glorified Goat Awesome tracks on here.

Some tracks reminded me of NiNs album pretty hate machine with tracks like "Substance". However there are a depth of sounds, tracks like "Alive" which feels soundscapey and more atmospheric sounding more influenced by the likes of ulrich schnauss.. Anyways my first review :D and this albums on bc. I think i will be programming with this on repeat tomorrow : Favorite track: Substance.

Arco Voltaico. Phillip Thurtle.

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Adler slammed on the brakes. The car skidded, turning sideways, swinging them toward the thick black ranks of trees. Coco braced, waiting to hear the thump of someone slamming into the side of the car. The person had been so close. The car shuddered to a stop, only a couple feet from the nearest tree trunk.

All of them sat stunned for a second. Adler sounded like he was taking deep breaths, trying to be calm. There was a person in the road! We must have hit him! She hated when her voice sounded squeaky. Had they hurt someone? Had they killed. It came up to her knees. Brian was right behind her on his side, and Coco, although her hands were shaking, hurried after them. Adler followed.

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She grabbed her phone, went around the car, and shined the light at the snow. Brian was doing the same. Ollie had pulled a headlamp from the pocket on her car door.

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The three of them stood shoulder to shoulder, shining their flashlights all around the car. Faintly, Coco heard the whisper of wind in the pine needles overhead. Adler had a flashlight from the glove compartment. Four beams of light shone on the snow. The road was utterly empty.

But nothing else. A person.

They had their hand out. Ollie, did you see? She sounded doubtful.

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She hurried after them. Or maybe you were just dreaming and you mixed up being asleep and being awake. She felt like everyone was just a little bit mad at her for yelling stop so that Mr. Adler had to slam on his brakes and send them skidding dangerously across the road. But she had been half asleep. Maybe she did dream it.

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As they drove away, Coco turned around and looked out the back window. It stood facing them in the middle of the road. One bare hand was still upraised. Like a plea. Like a warning. Where Dead Voices Gather finds Tosches returning to a root obsession that appeared twice in the very first book he ever had published - Country - 25 years ago.

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There, readers were introduced to Emmett Miller, a black-faced white Southerner who performed in minstrel shows during the first half of the 20th century and who possessed a remarkable "trick" yodel to his voice that can still be heard on recordings mostly made in the s. These recordings - only pieced together recently and remastered for a CD release in the late s - have been haunting Tosches for decades. But when it came to describing Miller's life and times, he found himself engulfed in mystery: no photographs, an incomplete discography, the few still alive who knew him giving vague, conflicting accounts.

In Dead Voices Tosches has at least located more pieces of the puzzle: he turns up Miller's date of birth, and all the Miller 78s he previously lacked. Someone even gives him a photo of Miller - bald and puffy-looking from too much booze - taken during his twilight years, which ended unspectacularly in But it's still not enough to make Miller's ghost truly come alive.