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Eds Handbook of Automated Essay Evaluation: Current applications and new directions. Teachers' orientations towards writing Sarah J. Evaluative misalignment of 10th-grade student and teacher criteria for essay quality: An automated textual analysis Laura K. Varner, Rod D. Linguistic, reading, and transcription influences on kindergarten writing in children with English as a second language Gina L. Harrison, Keira C.

Professor Nicolas Cherbuin

Read and think before you write: Prewriting time and level of print exposure as factors in writing Journal of Writing Research 4 3 , L. Kimberly Epting, Evan M. Gallena, Stephanie A. Hicks, Elizabeth N.

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The effect of a word processor as an accommodation for students with learning disabilities Journal of Writing Research 4 3 , Cassie L. Book reviews Berninger, V. Bazerman, C. Traditions of Writing Research. Schunn, Kevin D. Redesigning educational peer review interactions using computer tools: An introduction Ilya M.

Prediction of Cognitive Function by Arterial Stiffness in the Very Elderly

Goldin, Kevin D. Linguistic and review features of peer feedback and their effect on the implementation of changes in academic writing: A corpus based investigation Djuddah A. Eliciting formative assessment in peer review Ilya M. Book Review Bowles, M. Is it differences in language skills and working memory that account for girls being better at writing than boys? Classifying paragraph types using linguistic features: Is paragraph positioning important? Scott A. Book Review Fisher, R.

The Human-Machine Extended Organism

Using Talk to support writing. Help seeking, self-efficacy, and writing performance among college students James D. Book Review Barton, D. The Anthropology of Writing. Religion in U. Writing in natural sciences: Understanding the effects of different types of reviewers on the writing process Melissa M. Patchan, Christian D. Book Review Grant, M. Reading and Writing in Science.

see Introduction to the special issue: Exploring corpus-informed approaches to writing research Stephanie A. A dual purpose data base for research and diagnostic assessment of student writing Judy M. Book Review Beard, R. Letters of gratitude: Improving well-being through expressive writing Steven M. Book Reviews Doumont, J-L.

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Trees, maps, and theorems. Carter, A.

Ambient Study Music for Focus; Alpha BiNaural Beats - Memory, Relaxing, Concentration

A validation study of students' end comments: Comparing comments by students, a writing instructor, and a content instructor Melissa M. Book Reviews Smart, Graham Wroblewski, Luke Web form design. Filling in the blanks. Training writing skills: A cognitive development perspective Ronald T.

Book Reviews Alamargot, D. Review: MacArthur, C. Back issues Volume 10 Volume 10 number 3 Volume 10 number 2 Volume 10 number 1 Volume 9 Volume 9 number 3 Volume 9 number 2 Volume 9 number 1 Volume 8 Volume 8 number 3 Volume 8 number 2 Volume 8 number 1 Volume 7 Volume 7 number 3 Volume 7 number 2 Volume 7 number 1 Volume 6 Volume 6 number 3 Volume 6 number 2 Volume 6 number 1 Volume 5 Volume 5 number 3 Volume 5 number 2 Volume 5 number 1 Volume 4 Volume 4 number 3 Volume 4 number 2 Volume 4 number 1 Volume 3 Volume 3 number 3 Volume 3 number 2 Volume 3 number 1 Volume 2 Volume 2 number 3 Volume 2 number 2 Volume 2 number 1 Volume 1 Volume 1 number 3 Volume 1 number 2 Volume 1 number 1 Articles Vol.

Le processus de textualisation. Why do some listeners fail to notice when a politician makes a blatantly incorrect statement? These questions may seem disparate on the surface, but they are related problems, and reflect my broad interests in learning and memory, and the processes that make memory accurate in some cases but erroneous in others. This work is strongly rooted in Cognitive Psychology, but also intersects with Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and Education.

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Brashier, Nadia M. Epmc , doi Fazio, L. Scopus , doi Stanley, M.

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    Aging and Finding Information: Using Google vs. Relying on Other People awarded by Google Inc. Principal Investigator. Exploring the potential of essay testing for improving memory and learning awarded by Department of Education Principal Investigator. Building a better reader: Activating knowledge through retrieval awarded by Spencer Foundation Principal Investigator. Langford Lecture Award. December Correcting student misconceptions: Linking the laboratory and the classroom.

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